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Best price guarantee
Tour Operator: El Portal de Picos 3 hours Travel method:   Walking Region / Starts from: Cantabria

Half Day Snowshoe Route in Picos de Europa - Without Cable Car


Interpretive route for beginners in the world of snowshoeing. Also for more advanced people who are interested in learning interesting things about the area and discovering it safely.

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We will make the route at the upper station of the Fuente Dé cable car.

The route will be circular and we will pass through wonderful enclaves such as the Jenduda channel, the Lloroza lakes and enjoy the views of the Áliva Valley.

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Lloroza Lakes.

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La Jenduda Channel.

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Valle de Áliva.


3.5 hours

It includes

  • Titled guide.
  • Material (rackets and poles).
  • Civil Liability and Accident Insurance.

Extra information:

  • This route does not include the cable car ticket that you will have to get separately. If you want to book the route with the cable car ticket included click here

  • This route is an open route to groups. If you want to hire the route privately click here

  • If there are no places available, they are a very large group or do not arrive on time contact us and we will see what we can do:

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Recommended material:

Mountain boots with Gore-Tex: With good mountain boots with Gore-Tex we will prevent our feet from getting wet in the snow and also their stiffness will prevent pain from the grips of the rackets.

Thermal socks: Essential so that the feet do not suffer from the low temperatures that are in the mountains when it is snowy.

Winter mountain pants (Softshell type or similar): These types of pants, due to their characteristics, protect us from the wind and prevent us from getting wet by snow or rain and also keep us warm inside.

Thermal T-shirt: Essential garment to maintain body heat and keep your skin dry.

Fleece lining: With this garment we retain the heat generated by the body, preventing us from getting cold, at the same time it allows the evacuation of moisture.

Gore-Tex jacket or similar: With this type of jacket we avoid getting wet if it rains or snows. These types of membranes are waterproof and protect us from the wind.

Backpack: Essential to carry drinks, food and equipment. It also helps us to store the garbage.

Leggings (Optional): If we want to have our feet well protected and be comfortable, they are more than advisable. They will prevent snow, water and stones from entering the boot.

Hat: Make it made of good material so that we don't lose heat from the top of the head. It is one of the parts of the body that if it is kept warm the sensation of cold will be less.

Snow gloves: Hands are one of the most important parts of our body and we must protect them well against the cold. We must use gloves that keep us warm and also prevent water and wind from entering.

Buff or neck warmer: Its main function is to protect the neck from cold air, a very delicate part of our body and which we must protect if we do not want to fall ill later.

Sunglasses: They are essential if we don't want to have problems with our eyes over time. Snow acts as a mirror of the sun's rays that these are very harmful to our eyes. We recommend quality glasses.

Sun cream SPF 30 or higher: Even if we are very protected with the garments we wear, we must protect all our skin with sunscreen SPF 30 or higher to avoid the burns caused by snow with the sun's rays.

Water and snack: Snowshoeing routes through picos de Europa are a demanding physical activity and make us burn a lot of calories. To have energy it is necessary to eat and drink, in addition the height accelerates the process of dehydration, which is why having to drink constantly.

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Meeting point

In The Upper Station of the Fuente Dé Fuente Dé Cable

Car, Upper Station of the Cable Car, Camaleño, 39588, Cantabria
Important information


The meeting point will be our shop in the lower station of the Fuente Dé cable car at 9:30 in the morning to be ready at 10.

It is advisable to bring warm clothes, gloves and a backpack with a little water and a snack.

Sunglasses and sunscreen are also more than recommended.

In a maximum of 2 days after the activity you will find all your photos at this link:

The photos will be automatically deleted 2 weeks after the activity is completed. Take advantage of downloading them in time or they will be lost forever.

If you don't want to have photos taken and shared, let the guide know at the beginning of the activity or send us an email and there will be no problem.

If you do not notify after receiving this email, you are agreeing to be photographed during the activity and sharing your photos.

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